Imagine yourself adorned in jewelry that feels inherently like ‘you’...

Unique, yet not flashy.
Simple, yet not basic.
Beautiful, yet elegantly ageless.

Inspired by nature and geometric shapes, this is the ethos behind the SHERI BERYL fine jewelry collection.

Designed with intent, forged with fire, and finished by hand, I make every piece right here in my Santa Monica studio.


Made By Hand Sheri Beryl

But the brand story doesn’t start there…

Trained in biological sciences, a career detour found me embedded within the international ready-to-wear fashion scene for nearly two decades.  Specializing in manufacturing and retail, I cut my teeth in the competitive world of swimwear, and for many years there was no shortage of passion for my role.

But you know what they say: all good things come to an end. So…

... as I felt my interest in the swimwear world begin to wane, on a whim I decided to take a jewelry design and metalsmithing course.  And what transpired next was truly magical….

Once again surrounded by that creative energy and environment where you believe anything is possible.  I was free to take everyday inspiration (like a seed pod) and evolve that into something new, timeless and ultimately wearable. 

In fact, that simple seed pod has now gone on to become a signature piece in the SHERI BERYL collection.

Working primarily in sterling silver and 14kt gold.  Using complementary patinas and textures, the Sheri Beryl jewelry collection embraces minimalism and the beauty of simplicity: where less = more.

If you’re a woman whose jewelry choices reflect your own innate sense of style, trendy but not dictated to, and you seek out and invest in well made artisanal jewelry that stands the test of time, then welcome.

You’re exactly who I design the SHERI BERYL fine jewelry collection for, and it’s an honor to have you here.