Keep It Clean Easy Way to Clean Sterling & Plated Jewelry

Tarnish is the oxidization of copper in the base metal of sterling silver and gold plated jewelry which cause black spots. 

 4 Household Ingredients

Step #1

Line a small container with aluminum foil. You can use any other aluminum containers you might have pie tins or cup cake tins or beverage containers. To make it easier I usually mold the foil on the outside of the bottom first and then just slip it in to the cup.

Step #2

Measure equal amounts of salt and baking soda.  I use about 1TBL per 1 cup of water. 

Step #3

Pour in hot water and add your jewelry pieces so they touch the foil.   Wait 4/5 minutes the tarnish will migrate to the foil.

Step #4

Take the pieces out  brush with a very soft toothbrush and wipe dry.  Heavy tarnish might take a few applications, so just rinse and repeat the steps above.  

You can take the liquid out of the container and just reheat it in another if you need to do again.  Caution don't put foil in the microwave!



Gold Fill, Gold Plated and Vermeil Jewelry have a very fine coating of gold over base metal or silver.   Any abrasive cleaners or polishing cloths will take away the finish.  This works like a charm and will keep your pieces shiny and bright. 

Store your jewelry in a dry place.  You can get anti-tarnish stripes to include in baggies  or tarnish free jewelry bags.   


Did you find this useful?  If you have any great cleaning tips let me know. 


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