How to Put on Ear Climbers The New Earring Fashion Trend

Commonly referred to as ear pins,  ear sweeps,  climber earrings or crawlers,  they are one of the newest trends in jewelry fashion and ear wear.  As a designer I love them as I  have a much bigger canvas on which to paint.

If you wear stud earrings you will love this new trend. If you sport short cropped or bobbed hair these are ideal for you as they offer the perfect balance.  They make a simple statement without being overpowering.

Ear sweeps typically range in size from 1/2" - 1" curved or straight bar. I have embraced this trend with gusto. 

These are the perfect solution to matching up lost earrings. Wear a climber on one ear with a single earring on the other making it purposeful style with intent.   I like mixing it up a little and wearing one sweep and a stud on the other ear.


So if you are new to this style here is brief how to put them on .

1.  Insert the climber in the piercing as you would any normal earring wire,  making sure it is all the way in/down

2  With your other hand pull out your side lobe to thin it out and make attaching the wire easier.

3.  While you are holding he ear lobe out swing the ear climber up the ear with the other hand and position it in place

4.  Adjust as needed by gently squeezing the the wire down.  It should stay in place just with tension.

5.  To remove just hold the side lobe again and with the other hand gently pull out at the the front end.






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