Mismatched Earrings - Part 1



Hey, we  have all experienced that sinking feeling when OH NO....we discover there is only have one earring in our ear.  We have retraced our steps and looked everywhere and the mate is not to be found. If you were like me we all have a box of miss-matched earrings.  So here are some helpful tips on what you can do with all of those lost earrings.  

Check back with the designer and see if they can make you a duplicate I have done this for several of my clients and for this reason offer singles in my shop.   Many stores are in contact with the original makers so see if they can help you.  I had to do for one of my favorite pairs. 

Be Creative !

Earrings are nothing more than little charms so let the creative juices flow.   You can string them together on a simple cord or fine chain and make a charm necklace or charm bracelet. 

 If you are at all crafty group them together on a large ring. You can find split rings or open rings at most craft stores or enlist the help of your local bead store.  You can group metal charms gemstones together for an eclectic mix.  There are no rules.  


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