MIx & Match The New Earring Trend for 2018

Mix-and-match earrings

One of the new earring trends of 2018 mismatch earrings or mix and match . . It can probably be traced to the the  rise of body jewelry or in unconventional  ear piercings. Whatever its origins, the asymmetrical earring look that's been hitting high-fashion runways is poised to become the coolest crossover jewelry trends of 2018. In earrings and no sign of this trend slowing down. There are endless ways to pull it off regardless of your style whether you are an exhibitionist or a minimalist

From different color pairs 


to same-size studs in varied shapes with dramatic  size differences 

which means you can make as big (or as small) of a statement as you'd like.

Now you can go to your box of lost earrings that you didn't know what to do with and incorporate them back into your wardrobe.   Look out for this style to become a staple in 2018.

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